I was tagged by keepfighting4ever, britney-is-stronger, itseulonzbitch and diarneyspears so I decided to do two of them but thank you so much guys for even thinking of me! much love! 

I will put it under see more, so it doesn’t fill anyones dash!

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To the anon who asked for blog suggestions!

Those are 8 of my favourite blogs, I follow loads of quality blogs but those are all that I can think of right now, I would recommend looking at the sources of posts, normally you find amazing Britney blogs that way! 


make more gifs, they are amazing <3

You’re like the queen of Britney gif making, I can’t believe this. Oh my gosh. I will, just for you I will. This means so much to me.

AHHHHHHH!?! xmidnightfantasy IS FOLLOWING ME!!

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