Well, I really want to go see it as well. So, we can go see it together if you wanted. =) I can most likely pay for the tickets and a room. But I wouldn't be able to pay the airfare to come here. =( Well, unless a ton of money just drops from the sky. =P

I am just a lowly peasant :( I could never pay for airfare, but you are a such a sweetie to offer me tickets <3 wow you’re the nicest 



have you ever seen someone’s face and just wanted to look at them forever


I swear people that say they “love” Marina Diamandis but only know her Electra Heart album make me want to break things. 

I love your blog!!! ♥

I love you! ♥ xxxxxxxxxxx

me: omg i'm gonna record a video of me singing today omg maybe everytime?
*records it*
me: no

my friend: you need to get a life really
me: does that come in pc edition?
me: how long does it take to download?
me: can you send me a torrent?
me: easier why don't you put it on 4shared?

tbh Britney could eat cheetos in one of her vidoes and I’d be crying over her beauty

me listening to Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj: you a stupid hoe you a you a stupid hoe
me: i pass

exhale: gurl make your account don't just look at posts
me: okay i will tr-
msn: lol jks we've lost your activation message and deleted it in the spam box
me: oh
me: aim can i use your?
aim: didnt receive a message sorry
me: oh i suppose i will just use my gmai-
exhale: you already registered today