I swear people that say they “love” Marina Diamandis but only know her Electra Heart album make me want to break things. 

My mother believes because I don’t want to have a husband and clean for him I’m going to live a shit life.

I am so over my mother’s ideas of what I should want from life and how I should be acting, she needs to realise that this isn’t the 50s and I’m not going to get married and sit at home and clean all day for his approval and just because I won’t do that it doesn’t mean I’m going to be as you call it a “minger” I am perfectly capable of cleaning and looking after myself, I’m getting out of this town, I’m not going to be like the rest of my family I say that lovingly, I’m not into that, that’s not me. I want a life for myself, not a life for someone else. You may be happy with cleaning all day and hoping dad will love it, but I don’t care, I’m going places.

Am I the only one who when people bring up Britney Spears the most flawless human being in the universe people bring up that shes “Crazy” BULLSHIT and bring up her shaving her head