I swear people that say they “love” Marina Diamandis but only know her Electra Heart album make me want to break things. 

I’m so over talking about the conservatorship, we’re fans and we love her and we do know a lot about her I get that but really we aren’t personal friends and we don’t know the full scale of her life or how she’s feeling, this is something the judge and Britney and her doctors need to deal with, us fans have no say on what can happen in her life

And people saying that they want 2007ney back because she was “free” need to do their research. 

Am I the only one who when people bring up Britney Spears the most flawless human being in the universe people bring up that shes “Crazy” BULLSHIT and bring up her shaving her head

"Me: thinking about just making a bunch of OCs single. i don’t rp anymore and i don’t want them to be in relationships if theres little to no chance that they’ll see their lover."