I swear people that say they “love” Marina Diamandis but only know her Electra Heart album make me want to break things. 

I was on the radio singing today! If you want to have a listen, its 21:50 onwards and I’m singing a snippet of Lies by Marina & Diamonds, I know I mixed up the lines this was a last minute arrangement where we had to put as much into as we could so I messed up, I was nervous!

Okay so there is this guy…

and he thinks Britney is hot and he respects my love for her and he likes her music and he loves Marina & The Diamonds and he has the same favourite tracks on it as me and we talk on facebook 24/7 and work a lot together in school and i’m just like “marry me” he’s perfect omg stop it jeez

and its awkward because im supposed to be liking another guy but this guy is stealing the whole damn show

i wonder if i said to him that i want his body now that he’d hold it against me



does anyone else love Electra Heart?

wish i’d been a prom queen fighting for the title, instead of being 16 and burning up a bible feeling super, super, super suicidal, the wasted years, the wasted youth, the pretty lies, the ugly truth, and the day has come where i have died only to find i’ve come alive