Since y’all have been so nice to me, is there anything I can do for you?

A follow, shoutouts, an edit? Oh! If you want to chat I can talk via asks/messages or I can send you my skype :)

I reached 1k followers!

I’m going to write an essay for you all, so … good luck getting through it.

I joined this website thinking I wouldn’t get anywhere and then I met all of you. You have no idea how much happiness it brings to me to sign onto a website everyday and see people just like me, who admire Britney Spears as much as me. It’s so uplifting to me. 

You all deserve so much happiness and love in your life, you’re all so perfect. I wish I could know you all in real life, to meet you all… have a Britney get together but unfortunately thats sort of impossible to get all of us together.

Thank you for following me and being there for me when I’ve been down, I’ve been in some dark places this past year and seeing you all care about me so much lifted me out of those places.

It’s been a great 2 years on tumblr, now let’s keep going together! I love you all, as much as I love Brunetteney 

ask me whatever you want hour/day/month/year/life

I have exams this month so I may not be on as much!

oh and my face during every one

Sorry guys, end of school week is always busy, i will be back soon, i promise, don’t miss me too much followers… and don’t unfollow, please!



thanks to all of you guys and congrats for being my 100th!

I was born to make y’all happy ♥