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Celebrities comment on Blackout

Blackout is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Britney Spears, released on October 26, 2007

Rant about Glee & The “Blackout-ney” Episode

Okay so we all adore Blackout, it’s one of her best albums, and it has like a cult fanbase within the Britney community but about this Glee episode I’m really not sure on it.

If the rumours are true

Am I the only one who’s worried what Britney will think of this episode? We know from For The Record she doesn’t particularly like seeing her Gimme More VMA’s 2007 performance, unless this episode has a twist where Brittany makes a massive comeback from the performance I don’t think I will really appreciate this Britney episode, It sounds like they’re slating her rather than making a tribute to her, this worries me

I really do not want another reason for people to make jokes on Britney’s behalf

Am i the only one who thinks “In The Zone” is her best album?

I mean I love them all obviously, but that one is my favourite

"they couldnt believe i did it but i was so commited, my life was so restricted for you"

Britney Spears  911


911 - Britney Spears

I love her sexual songs. Somehow her “freaky” side has gone unnoticed by the majority of mainstream pop fans. How blind can they be. Just go give Blackout another listen.