we missed you!

aw I missed you too!

I love you more.

Now I remember why I loved this blog so much <3

Hi, can you please remove the picture you took on outrageous-britney's trumblr from your blog (brunette britney you post yesterday). this is my picture and BreatheHeavy didn't ask before using it and i'm absolutly not ok with that so please, remove it ASAP. Thanks in advance. (@soxoxo on Twitter)

Removed, sorry lovely I didn’t know! <3

You are perfect just the way you are and you need to know how special you are to me and to many others. :) You deserve the best and you're a great person & I know if these compliments/messages annoy you or creep you out but it doesn't matter, I tell you these things to let it sink in because you NEED & DESERVE to be told how great you are because everything I say about you is true!

No, I need these messages they do not annoy me or creep me out <3 I am so so thankful

Oh and not to be creepy but if you ever need someone to talk to or vent to or rant to, you can always talk to me!

Thank you baby <3

Oh and your red lipstick is dangerous, they could kill somebody, throw that shit away before you commit murder on accident (or on purpose, who knows)

Oh, definitely on purpose.

Let's see.. you're cute, you're adorable, you're EXTREMELY beautiful no matter what you think, you love Britney & wrestling which is even better, you're relatable, you're a good friend, you're perfect, you have great taste in music and TV, and you're just an all-around cool person to talk to & be around!

You’re sweet, Eulonzo <3

Are you okay, dear?

I’ll be fine, just very shocked <3

Your blog is perfect! <3

Oh my gosh, thank you baby <3 this made me smile 

To the anon who asked for blog suggestions!

Those are 8 of my favourite blogs, I follow loads of quality blogs but those are all that I can think of right now, I would recommend looking at the sources of posts, normally you find amazing Britney blogs that way!