My brother met britney (his idol) at his job at the Ritz Carlton. He told me he was freaking the fuck out when he saw her because his life long dream was to meet her. But he wanted to act “professional” around her. So he went up to her and asked her if there’s anything she needed and she asked for a little boat so her kids could play with it in the pool and he brought her back this little red boat and she was so happy and in the first picture my brother is talking to her about how he and my other brother were exactly like her kids when they were little and in the second one she’s asking him for 3 red bulls haha. Little does britney know this guy standing infront of her has all her music and choreography memorized and every single thing she’s ever done. Every single day I would walk outside and the Dream Within a Dream Tour would be on the tv and he would be doing the moves. Also a really long time ago before this he talked to her on the phone and screamed so much. Britney is his life. As well as mine. 

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