Thank you, my big brother who still thinks he is gonna marry Britney

When I was 7, my eldest big brother took me to see the Onyx Hotel Tour, this was my first concert and I was going to see Britney Spears, of all the first concerts I went to see my idol and it was … epic, I can remember every little thing about it, I remember the outfit I wore (all pink because I was on trend obviously) the intro video, the dances, the crowd and I wouldn’t have seen all that if it wasn’t for him, he took me, and paid for my ticket, and bought me the tour shirt and everything and that is something I will NEVER forget, ever.

Since then he has been taking me to numerous shows, each one of them special and perfect in their own way, and have enjoyed laughing at ridiculous opening acts with him.

We have been to see Taylor Swift twice, the first time before she was big in a tiny little concert hall, and she was so close and then the second time we saw her Speak Now tour and in the middle of the show she came in the middle of the venue and I was stood RIGHT in front of her and i got to touch her hand, all thanks to my brother taking me again

He got me tickets to go see the Circus tour but in the end (and I’m still kicking myself over this, I couldn’t go) but he still bought the tickets and was ready to take me. 

He took me to see the Femme Fatale tour and it was flawless, I had so much fun and it was just a perfect night

I just wanted to put this post out there because I want to thank him because without him I probably wouldn’t be this obsessed with Britney and I wouldn’t have seen all of these amazing singers and bands (Paramore, Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls, Ne-Yo, everyone) and thank you for understanding my Britney obsession and sticking up for her like I do and… 

I love you Dawid, Thank you. A lot. 


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