Dear Followers,

I just want you to know that you are ALL completely and utterly drop dead beautiful

You are ALL important to me

You are ALL special and unique and i love that about you all because that makes everyone of you all perfect, that’s not even just saying that

If you need someone to talk to then come to me, send me an ask, or a message in fanmail because I’m here for you…


Because when your a Brit stan you learn that what every person needs is someone to pull them through, someone to keep ‘em standing

We have been through a hell’uva lot as stans, we’ve been told we’re crazy for being fans for ages but guess what, we’re still here, we’re still supporting the queen herself and thats because we’re loyal

Each and every one of us is loyal and my loyalty to Britney is the same loyalty to my followers

This is a soppy post I know but I just want you to know… I love you & your perfect blog


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